Tuesday, August 26, 2008


well we had our second day of school today i didnt want to write anything about my first day cause we were just doin thos who are u sheets and games but i like all my teachers wel theres only four main things i look forward to health footbal lunch the dismissal bell by the way that bel is sooooooooo annoying but. i have algebra and our teacher gave her house number and people are already scheeming to prank call her but idk.we went to go see my brother whos in the hospital to day he had his tonsuls removed and sinus surgery i got a cool poster today its black background with like sunset colored/ brownish clouds that circle around a wood cross with jesus head thing made of horns and his holy robe over the horizonal peice of woodwell i guess ima goto bed now so goodnight

Monday, August 18, 2008


well we had our first day in football pads today well full peed at least and it was the easyest boringest thing ever but im so excited for school to start. the main reason is because the bus picks up right in front of my house which is awesome my friend hobert has to walk like 100 yards haha but ya i have a feeling that this will b a good year. i moved everything into one room yesterday i used to have two rooms and a bathroom now i have a room and a bathroo so its cool itll be alot easier to clean . im working on redoing my closet i just gotta get three bars to put in so my clothes will be organized by type itll be greatbut back to foot bal i need to get tape for my pants theyre really loose but ya im tight end we went and caught passes today i caught all of them. yay. but ya every time i ran a routew theyd start to fall off. well thats all for today i hope yall keep reading my blogs. bye.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

hey im tyler nice to meet you

hey my name is tyler im fourteen six feet tall and have great parents and friends. i guess you could say i live a normal life. But i am spoiled not rotten but spoiled.

im your typicall teenager i guess in high school playing football being a kid. im not one of those people who just plan every moment of theyre lifes im more of a life everyday as if it was your last. I do enjoy some planning on somethings but not much. my best friend tho is a schedule freak. but he says its good because u wont look lost everyday. he does make fun of me alot saying i "smell" but hes still a good friend . In fact proably some of the funnyest stuff ive done ive done with him but o well we fight alot but get over it it a day so . hes more of a finds friends and stays with them , not me i like to keep making and making friends. i am a very outgoing and nonsensical person but hey i have fun so.

well thats all for now i just wanted to introduce my self but ill be back on daily or every otherday but see ya then